Hoosier History

THE HOOSIER BAT COMPANY was started by Dave and Debbie Cook 25 years ago in Valparaiso, a small Indiana town 50 miles east of Chicago. Dave was a scout for the New York Yankees and had an idea and a passion to create a handcrafted wooden bat with only one tier of wood in stock: pro grade.

OUR INDUSTRY LEADING, MiLB approved, BBCOR certified, WoodForce technology, combines 3 different wood species into one bat, making it one of the strongest, hardest, longest lasting bats in the game. Each one of our bats are full customizable, which is why you won’t find us in many retailers.

TODAY, the Hoosier Bat Company is the third longest standing wood bat manufacturer in the country. We continue to only source the best wood from the best regions of North America and still only sell pro grade wood. From hitters like Frank Thomas who inducted his Hoosier Bat to the MLB Hall of Fame and Sammy Sosa swinging it to knock his historic 65th and 66th home runs in 1998, to modern day sluggers like Prince Fielder winning the 2012 Home run Derby swinging a Hoosier Bat, our bats have withstood the test of time.

WHETHER IT'S YOUR FIRST ORDER with us, or if you were around to remember our Three Ring Logo (still available, by request), we welcome you to be a part of the #HoosierHitter family